Scientific Programme

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Thursday, April 21
13:00–13:10     Welcome 
13:10–15:30     Tips and tricks
Chairs: P. T. Ramirez (USA), J. S. Ponce (Spain)
13:10–13:25     Use of color segmented fluorescence for sentinel node mapping in endometrical cancer
P. T. Ramirez (USA)
13:25–13:30     Discussion
13:30–13:45     Management of intravascular myomatosis
J. S. Ponce (Spain)
13:45–13:50     Discussion
13:50–14:05     Extended pelvic exenteration combined with pelvic bone resection
D. Cibula (Czech Republic)
14:05–14:10     Discussion
14:10–14:25     New technical tools in sentinel node evaluation
F. Raspagliesi (Italy)
14:25–14:30     Discussion
14:30–14:45     Cervical stent in patients with recurrent cervical stenosis
Ch. Köhler (Germany)
14:45–14:50     Discussion
14:50–15:00     Tips and tricks for single-port laparoscopic upper paraaortic lymphadenectomy using conventional laparoscopic instruments
S. W. Kim (Republic of Korea)
15:00–15:10     Drainage of symptomatic ascites and postoperative lymphocysts with an easy-to-use, patient-controlled vascular catheter
M. Stukan (Poland)
15:10–15:20     Demonstration of the corner suture inversion technique to prevent dog ear formation in double-stapled colorectal anastomosis
O. Turkmen (Turkey)
15:20–15:30     Laparoscopic management of vascular injuries during pelvic and paraaortic lymph node dissection
S. Baydo (Ukraine)
15:30–16:00   Coffee break
16:00–16:45     Advanced electrosurgery in gynecology (supported by Medtronic)
Chairs: L. Chiva (Spain), D. Cibula (Czech Republic)
16:00–16:15     Monopolar surgery – optimalization of the performance
D. Cibula (Czech Republic)
16:15–16:30     Advanced bipolar surgery in gynecological oncology
L. Chiva (Spain)
16:30–16:45     Discussion
16:45–17:00     SENTIX 
16:45–17:00     SENTIX – Prospective observational trial on SLN biopsy in early stages cervical cancer – call for collaboration
D. Cibula (Czech Republic)
17:00–18:30     Radical hysterectomy
Chairs: A. Kucukmetin (UK), F. Raspagliesi (Italy)
17:00–17:15     Laparoscopic trachelectomy step by step
A. Kucukmetin (UK)
17:15–17:20     Discussion
17:20–17:35     Laparoscopic radical hysterectomy in bulky IB2 cervical cancer
J. Sub Choi (Republic of Korea)
17:35–17:40     Discussion
17:40–17:55     3D laparoscopic "Nerve sparing" (C1) radical hysterectomy
F. Raspagliesi (Italy)
17:55–18:00     Discussion
18:00–18:10     Laparoscopic type C1 radical hysterectomy
A. Stepanyan (Armenia)
18:10–18:20     Total laparoscopic radical trachelectomy with uterine artery preservation
J. Klát (Czech Republic)
18:20–18:30     Laparoscopic retrograde radical hysterectomy with three millimeters trocars
L. Bonino (Italy)
Friday, April 22
8:00–10:00     Reconstructive surgery I
Chairs: L. Chiva (Spain), D. Cibula (Czech Republic)
8:00–8:15     Urinary reconstruction
L. Chiva (Spain)
8:15–8:20     Discussion
8:20–8:35     Pelvic floor reconstruction
D. Cibula (Czech Republic)
8:35–8:40     Discussion
8:40–8:55     Abdominal wall reconstruction
L. Chiva (Spain)
8:55–9:00     Discussion
9:00–9:15     Bladder replacement and neovagina formation
L. Ungár (Hungary)
9:15–9:20     Discussion
9:20–9:35     Vulva reconstruction
F. Lecuru (France)
9:35–9:40     Discussion
9:40–9:55     Routine use of Vicryl Mesh to separate compartements after exenterative surgery
Ch. Köhler (Germany)
9:55–10:00     Discussion
10:00–10:30   Coffee break
10:30–11:40     Reconstructive surgery II
Chairs: F. Lecuru (France), L. Ungár (Hungary)
10:30–10:40     Simplifying neovaginal reconstruction by vertical rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap after pelvic exenteration
I. Zapardiel (Spain)
10:40–10:50     Pelvic floor reconstruction by biosynthetic mesh after abdominoperineal radical surgery in gynecological cancer
B. Díaz de la Noval (Spain)
10:50–11:00     Type 1 hemipelvectomy and reconstruction with cadaveric bone graft after ovarian cancer relapse
J. Siegrist Ridruejo (Spain)
11:00–11:10     Laparoscopically assisted ileal conduit urinary diversion as palliation in advanced cervical cancer
N. Ratnavelu 
11:10–11:20     Reconstructive surgery for recurrent carcinoma of the vulva – a case report
P. Miklos (Slovakia)
11:20–11:30     Easy groin reconstruction with abdominal random flap
V. Samouelian (Canada)
11:30–11:40     Pelvic floor reconstruction with VRAM flap
N. Ioanid (Romania)
11:40–12:25     Ultrasound in gynecologic oncology (supported by GE Healthcare Systems Ultrasound)
Chair: D. Cibula (Czech Republic)
11:40–11:50     Clinical staging and treatment planning
D. Fischerová (Czech Republic)
11:50–12:00     US guided interventions
M. Zikán (Czech Republic)
12:00–12:25     Live scanning and discussion
D. Fischerová, M. Zikán (Czech Republic)
12:25–13:30   Lunch break
13:30–14:20     Anatomy
Chairs: C. Fotopoulou (UK), A. Kucukmetin (UK)
13:30–13:45     Anatomy of the upper abdominal surgery
C. Fotopoulou (UK)
13:45–13:50     Discussion
13:50–14:05     Retroperitoneal anatomy
A. Kucukmetin (UK)
14:05–14:10     Discussion

Revisiting abdominal wall vascular anatomy, suggested technique of assessing and treating Port related epigastric vessels injuries following a case of dramatic postoperative hemorrhage
O. Ali (UK)

14:20–15:05     Surgical and non-surgical techniques of bleeding control (supported by Takeda)
Chairs: D. Cibula (Czech Republic), A. Reinthaller (Austria)
14:20–14:35     Surgical techniques of bleeding control and principles of effective use of local hemostatics
D. Cibula (Czech Republic)
14:35–14:50     TachoSil in onco-gynecology/obstetrics/tissue sealing
A. Reinthaller (Austria)
14:50–15:05     Discussion
15:05–15:35   Coffee break
15:35–16:45     New technology
Chairs: F. Lecuru (France), J. S. Ponce (Spain)
15:35–15:50     Robotic paraaortic lymphadenectomy using indocyanine green
P. T. Ramirez (USA)
15:50–15:55     Discussion
15:55–16:10     Robotic paraaortic lymphadenectomy
J. S. Ponce (Spain)
16:10–16:15     Discussion
16:15–16:30     Robotic nerve sparing radical hysterectomy with sentinel lymph node biopsy
F. Lecuru (France)
16:30–16:35     Discussion
16:35–16:45     Laparoscopic pelvic and paraaortic lyphadenectomy by neutral plasma argon technology – a novel approach
N. Reesink-Peters (the Netherlands)
16:45–17:30     Debate – Management of IB2 cervical cancer
Chair: Ch. Köhler (Germany)
16:45–16:55     PRO: Surgery
D. Cibula (Czech Republic)
16:55–17:05     PRO: Chemoradiation 
M. Raza Mirza (Denmark)
17:05–17:30     Discussion
Saturday, April 23
8:00–9:50     Minimally-invasive surgery in gynecologic oncology (supported by Olympus)
Chairs: E. Leblanc (France), Ch. Köhler (Germany)
8:00–8:15     Retroperitoneal paraaortic lymphadenectomy
E. Leblanc (France)
8:15–8:20     Discussion
8:20–8:35     Evaluation of bowel vascularization prior and post anastomosis using PINPOINT fluorescence
P. T. Ramirez (USA)
8:35–8:40     Discussion
8:40–8:55     Laparoscopic management of deep pelvic endometriosis
C. Taskiran (Turkey)
8:55–9:00     Discussion
9:00–9:15     Laparoscopic cerclage in patients after RVT
Ch. Köhler (Germany)
9:15–9:20     Discussion
9:20–9:30     Single-port laparoscopic surgical staging in ovarian cancer
S. W. Kim (Republic of Korea)
9:30–9:40     Laparoscopic diaphragmatic stripping in pseudomyxoma peritonei of appendiceal origin mimicking ovarian primary
N. Bizzarri (UK)
9:40–9:50     The importance of the “new” laparoscopy in teaching the “not-so-old” laparotomy
C. Andrade (France)
9:50–10:20   Coffee break
10:20–11:05     Debate – Primary cytoreductive surgery in advanced ovarian cancer
Chair: D. Cibula (Czech Republic)
10:20–10:30     PRO: In > 90% of patients
C. Fotopoulou (UK)
10:30–10:40     PRO: In < 75% of patients
E. Leblanc (France)
10:40–11:05     Discussion
11:05–12:35     Cytoreduction and upper abdominal debulking
Chairs: P. T. Ramirez (USA), C. Taskiran (Turkey)
11:05–11:20     Laparoscopic evaluation prior to ovarian cytoreduction: The MD Anderson algorithm
P. T. Ramirez (USA)
11:20–11:25     Discussion
11:25–11:40     Upper abdominal surgery: liver, porta hepatis, lesser sack
C. Taskiran (Turkey)
11:40–11:45     Discussion
11:45–12:00     Laparoscopic primary debulking surgery in advanced ovarian cancer
J. Sub Choi (Republic of Korea)
12:00–12:05     Discussion
12:05–12:15     Neutral plasma energy in ovarian cancer primary and salvage debulking surgery
P. Bartoš (Czech Republic)
12:15–12:25     Laparoscopic debulking surgery for nodal relapses
I. Zapardiel (Spain)
12:25–12:35     Distal pancreatectomy, splenectomy and resection of an implant from left diaphragm preserving pericardium
D. Vatansever (Turkey)
12:35–12:45     Closing remarks